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Myth Busters Four

Rubbing your perfume makes it last longer. You should always apply to pressure points.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions surrounding perfumes is the notion that you should apply them by rubbing them onto pulse points in order to make their scent last longer. This myth suggests that this action activates the fragrance, intensifying its aroma.

In reality, it's best to refrain from rubbing your perfume at all. The friction caused by rubbing actually scatters the fragrance molecules, leading to faster evaporation, which is counterproductive.

As for the idea of exclusively using pulse points for perfume application, is it the recommended approach?

No. There is no rule of where you should or shouldn’t apply a perfume. However if you are looking for projection then try spraying your perfume on areas of your body that are in motion, such as your calves or ankles. The heat produced by these areas enhances the fragrance and allows its scent to unfold. But don’t disregard the usual spots like wrists and neck.

For those who believe in the "air spraying" technique, it's best to reconsider. This method simply squanders fragrance without effectively targeting any specific area on the body.

In essence, the key is to apply perfume where you desire it. While certain areas may enhance its projection, perfume should be a source of enjoyment, turning the act of spraying it into a therapeutic experience rather than a strict, rule-bound ritual. Don't blindly accept every piece of advice you encounter.