Our Philosophy 

Mr Hux® was imagined in a moment. To recreate a moment or reinforce new ones while leaving a lasting impression on your daily rituals.
Our perfumers have an intimate understanding of their materials and a desire to make the highest quality fragrances. Our process is a combination of expertise, skill and passion, which gives Mr Hux® its unique character. We exist to spread the power and excitement of adventure. Adventure is a transformative lifestyle, whether it’s global travel, backyard micro-adventures or the adventure you’ve long been dreaming of. We’re unleashing the explorer inside us all, and we’re having a wild time doing it! 
With a focus on ethical and sustainable production, Mr Hux® offers a handcrafted, unique, and charismatic beauty and fragrance line made in Australia.

Venture out, live wild and write your story with Mr Hux®.

Our founding story 

It all started on April 14th with a russet-coloured best friend. Huxley bounded into the Mr Hux® household and quickly established memorable moments that captured the hearts of those around him. 
Inspired by this, Liam, our founder and visionary behind Mr Hux® set out to create something that captured these fond memories.
As an adventurer and self-confessed fragrance lover, Liam took great inspiration from Huxley’s wild, outgoing and adventurous nature. From there, he made it his mission to create a fragrance line that evoked the passion inside us to chase our dreams, to develop new memories and to live that adventurous lifestyle we’ve all been longing for.  
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