New Year, New Me - Mr Hux

New Year, New Me

Embracing a fresh start in the new year often involves familiar resolutions—changing diets, altering appearances, or abstaining from indulgent treats. But what if we extend this transformation to our purchasing habits, particularly concerning products entangled with unnecessary plastics?

Enter Mr Hux, a brand that prides itself on packaging that is either reusable, compostable or recyclable. While some plastics are indispensable in components like sprayers, Mr Hux is committed to proving that a luxury brand can be environmentally conscious without compromise. 

The Mr Hux Discovery Set showcases this commitment, presented in an exquisite tin with cardboard lining. Nestled within a cardboard sleeve, wrapped in tissue paper, and shielded by honeycomb paper mailer bags, the set trailblazers a plastic-free approach.

The Mr Hux bottles boast aluminium and polypropylene-lined lids, safeguarded in perforated cardboard for protection. Adorned with a cardboard sleeve, they find their place in a captivating russet-coloured cardboard box before making their way to you.

Eliminating single-use plastics is undoubtedly challenging but feasible. While some items pose greater hurdles and demand time, initiating these changes marks the crucial first step.

In the pursuit of a "new year, new me" ethos, consider setting a resolution to support eco-conscious products or those crafted by Australian makers when seeking new additions to your routine.

Every choice counts.

Until next time,


Liam C