How can a brand called Mr Hux claim to be genderless? - Mr Hux

How can a brand called Mr Hux claim to be genderless?

What does it mean to be genderless? How can a brand called Mr Hux claim to be genderless?

These are some of the questions we often get, so I thought I'd clear them up.

In April 2021, we welcomed a new member to our family, a Hungarian Vizsla named Huxley. From the day Huxley joined us, our lives changed for the better. Huxley brought immense joy, love, and purpose to our lives. He kept us entertained and busy, and his presence truly enriched our lives.

Huxley means that much to us.

Later that year, as our business ideas began to take shape, we needed a name. From the outset, I insisted that whatever we named the brand, it had to incorporate Huxley's name as a tribute to him. After much deliberation, the name "Mr Hux" came to mind. We often called him Mr Hux, so it seemed fitting to name our company after him.

From that day on, we were known as Mr Hux.

We were aware this could bring challenges, potentially pigeonholing us and leading people to think we were a brand created only for men. We also knew that making only genderless fragrances would challenge conventional norms. The question, “How can you be genderless but call yourself Mr Hux?” arose frequently. I understand the confusion, but our name is simply a tribute to our beloved dog.

Why genderless fragrances? Why not? It's as simple as that.

For many years, the fragrance industry has been dominated by gender stereotypes and misleading claims, largely driven by big fragrance companies and their advertising campaigns. Perfume is marketed for women, cologne for men. Floral scents are deemed feminine, while woody fragrances are considered masculine. We've been bombarded with images of shirtless men emerging from the sea or impeccably dressed women flaunting luxury brands. These are the stereotypes we've been conditioned to accept.

Fragrance is a deeply personal choice. It's something only we, as individuals, can decide is right for us.

Who said men can't wear fragrances rich in geranium and rose petal? Who said women can't enjoy a deep, musky, woody scent? No one.

We're not creating genderless fragrances to be "woke", we're creating genderless fragrances because we can and because everyone deserves to wear whatever they want.

We are committed to proving that all scents, all fragrance types, can be worn by everyone. There are no rules when it comes to fragrance. You set the rules. You choose what works for you.

So yes, Mr Hux is a genderless brand. Mr Hux is our name. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for. 

Until next time.


Liam C.