Brr! It's Cold In Here! - Mr Hux

Brr! It's Cold In Here!

It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I stand at the back of my house, gazing out over the valley. The air is crisp and clean, carrying the faint scent of woodfire. Chains of smoke begin to rise from the chimneys of the surrounding homes. Brown, dried leaves blanket the ground like a carpet, drifting down from the trees with every gust of wind. The Australian southern winter has arrived.

Winter is my favourite time of year.

As we transition into winter, our wardrobes change too. Gone are the board shorts and T-shirts, replaced by jeans and jumpers. Flip flops give way to Ugg boots. Just as we adjust our clothing for the season, we should also consider updating our "scentrobe."

Winter is the perfect time to explore warm and comforting fragrances. The rich aroma of vanilla, the deep, mysterious notes of woods, musk, vetiver, fir needle, smoke, and even chocolatey gourmand—all are ideal for the colder months. These scents complement any style and are suitable for any time of day.

So, when you reach for a fragrance over the next few months, pause for a moment and ask yourself: Is this the right scent for the season? Should I try something new? Just remember, there are fragrances suited for every season and every occasion. Live a little. Live wild.

Until next time.


Liam C