Deck the Halls - Mr Hux

Deck the Halls

Summer is full steam ahead, carrying with it the familiar scents that signal the arrival of a special time: Christmas drawing near. 

In Australia, the air is infused with the unmistakable fragrance that truly embodies the essence of Christmas. It's a symphony of natural scents emanating from our stunning bushland, where the lemon scented gum, eucalyptus, and tea tree release enchanting aromas, proudly representing our unique Australian identity. 

Among these scents is the earthy musk produced by Christmas beetles, a fragrance that many Australians have grown accustomed to. Rather than shunning it, we embrace this distinctive aroma, for it signifies something momentous. It tells us that summertime is upon us in Australia, and Christmas is just around the corner. 

Each of us could compile an extensive list of scents that evoke the spirit of this time of year. The aroma of water balloon fights on scorching days, though peculiar, holds a truth of its own. 

The scent of sunscreen lavishly applied, the wafting aromas of neighbourhood barbecues firing up from early morning, the fragrance of freshly cut seasonal stone fruits prepared in the kitchen—mangos, peaches, plums—all deliciously sweet and fragrant. And who could forget the enticing aroma of a sumptuous Christmas roast, accompanied by succulent fresh prawns, and a cheeky gingerbread dessert? 

Christmas is more than just a season of giving. It's a time when we come together, sharing moments, creating new memories, and embarking on a collective journey. 

Indeed, the power of scent is truly remarkable. It has the ability to transport us to a specific place and time, enabling us to recall where we sat at the table five years ago, what we enjoyed for lunch during Christmas 1999, or the exhilaration of a water balloon fight on a sweltering summer day in 2005. These memories wouldn't be as vivid or potent without the influence of scent. So, embrace it, smell it, take it all in, and live wild. 

By the way, Christmas is only 25 days away! 

Until next time. 


Liam C.